Teacher resources are listed here to help you to find what you need for your
specific subject area. I have categorized them into the main academic subjects;
Reading, Writing, Science, History, Math, Technology.

Young Adult Librarians Homepage : http://yahelp.suffolk.lib.ny.us/
This site has YA Index with reading resources listed.

Poetry for Kids : http://www.poetry4kids.com/
A great resource for poetry ideas, it's also kid friendly.

A wiki devoted to Language Arts: http://eduzoomerone.wikispaces.com/la3

Are you a Book Nut??? Well this site will draw you in and leave you in awe! There are lists for teacher, students, and parents. Explanations of all literary genres and leveled reading lists. Check it out!! http://www.booknutsreadingclub.com/genrelist.html

America Writes for Kids; http://usawrites4kids.drury.edu/
This resource is vast. There are lesson plans, interactive site, author links, writing samples and more.

Awesome wiki devoted to the study of science : http://eduzoomerone.wikispaces.com/si3

Another great wiki devoted to social studies : http://eduzoomerone.wikispaces.com/so3

An awesome wiki devoted to the study of math : http://eduzoomerone.wikispaces.com/ma3

Ben Wilkoff, technology teacher has collected a wealth of resource related to technology in the classroom.